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About Us


UPMGROUP UAE is leader when it comes to the management of services. Our
ethos is to present a first class residential and corporate service management that exceeds expectations and delivers excellent results. Our extensive experience in this field of service management and with a strong management team we guarantee to provide our clients
with the safe knowledge that we will meet all their service demands. We take a personal approach with each client and we are truly inspired by how our customers use our services to benefit their daily operations.
We will always strive to provide excellent service management and utilize our competitive advantage in our cleaning services. As UPMGROUP UAE is a subsidiary of the
UPMGROUP UK that specialises in Facility Management in the UK, we have a thorough
understanding of what is required in maintaining all services within your premises.
Therefore, through our extensive experience and know how we aim to develop long-term professional relationships with our clients.

To provide a full range of services that supply consistently high-quality
environmental conditions and customer services that support and enable
the provision of an outstanding experience. Our mission is offer manage
ment of services in a professional and transparent manner and to be
Locally recognized as the leading organization that will deliver the highest quality services within the residential and corporate sector.

We aim to meet the growing demand for service management especially

within both the cleaning industry and maintenance sector. In doing so our
vision is to provide an excellent service at a good value, whilst transforming
the property management industry through continuous innovation. In doing so we aim to become the leading household name within the service management sector, with a core focus on our competitive advantage within the
cleaning industry.

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