UPMGROUP UK is proud to launch the first bottled water bearing the name of our EMIRATE! Fujairah the name… Fujairah the taste…    

❤ stay healthy!

Fujairah Spring Bottled Drinking Water contains .01 Sodium and 7.6 pH level 


Produce in the UAE for UPM Group

Prices in Carry Pack

Prices may vary per quantity



Prices in Carton

Prices may vary per quantity

1.5 Liter Carton                  AED 10.00

12 Bottles per Carton

500 ML Carton                    AED 10.00

24 Bottles per Carton

250 ML Carton                   AED 9.00

24 Bottles per Carton

1.5 Liter Carton                  AED 5.00

6 Bottles per Carton

500 ML Carton                    AED 5.00

12 Bottles per Carton


Interesting fact

Blood ph is 7.4 to remain neutral and free from impurities, although blood contains 80% water and the Plasma contains 92% of water, blood doesn’t behave in the same way as water however the large water content of the blood does contribute to some ways the blood reacts. Water when desalinated and pure usually has the tendency to exclude minerals from soundings, one element the pure water seems to be very attracted to is the carbon dioxide which tends to turn the pure water into acidic with a ph of less than 7, to maintain water alkalinity, desalinated water goes through the process of ionization, this process alter the ph value through changing the ions charges in the water. In my opinion and while it is widely known that water must have a Ph of 7.4-8. I feel even 8 is too high and a light increase of alkaline up to 7.7 is less risky in causing any changes which are likely to take place in the blood, this no doubt would be as damaging in long term as water with low Ph like 7 and below. The idea of having water at ph of 9.1 is not highly researched and while it can be a good neutralizer to the human body and in turn the chemistry of the blood, such high alkalinity should only be taken for short while. DrH@Research©


Dr. Hakim Elemara

Mar. Chf. Eng, MSc, PhD (Water Desalination)

RVF University of Hertfordshire UK

Industrial Mentor, London Metropolitan University