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Product Description

UPM Group introduces the NEW Environmentally friendly Nano Sterilization Spray in the UAE, Japanese Formula, food-Grade Sterilization Spray, safe and non-irritating.


To make users feel more confident in using Nano Guard, we will explain the effect of the main ingredient of our product-- hypochlorous acid.😊


Hypocaloric acid has strong oxidizing power, which causes the amino acids in the enzyme proteins of microorganisms to break down and become inactive, resulting in metabolic dysfunction and death.

Because bacteria, such as moulds and viruses are mostly prokaryotes, their enzymes are distributed on the surface of the cell membrane and are vulnerable to hypocaloric acid.

Humans and animals are eukaryotic organisms, whose enzymes are in the cellular membranes. Hypocaloric acid can dissolve bacteria and other microorganisms through oxidation. Its products are nontoxic substances such as water, salt chloride, organic sugar and carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is non-toxic and there is no residue during the process. 


The human body itself can produce hypocaloric acid- one of the core bactericidal substances of the human body's immune system and the most potent bacterial substances produced by the human body's white blood cell. 


When the bacteria invade the human body or the epidermis is damaged, the white blood cell becomes resistant to bacteria and viruses, and the white blood cell secretes hypocaloric acid, which specifically destroys the bacteria and viruses so that bacteria and viruses cannot survive. Therefore, our product has the advantages of bio-compatibility, safety, and environmental friendliness. 

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UP Nano Guard Spray can kill 99.99 % of bacteria and viruses that cause the following infections. 



~ Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) 

~ E. Coli Escherichia coli 

~ Listeria Listeria 

~ flu virus H1n1 

~ Salmonella spp 

~ Gold Staphylococcus aureus 

~ Legionella Pneumophilila


Spray items sterilization and Oral Rash/lip, Prevent Wound infection, Air cleansing, Sterilized vegetables and Children's toys/supplies sterilization. 

Non-Alcohol and Safe for everyday use!

UPM Group introduces the NEW Environmentally friendly Nano Sterilisation Spray in the UAE

Japanese Formula, food-Grade Sterilisation Spray, safe and non-irritating

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Now Available in the UAE

Available in 100 ML

On hand!

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